This Thursday, the FCC will vote to give a few companies control over online free speech.

The Internet is essential to free speech and free markets. But, the FCC is about to change it forever by eliminating net neutrality -- legalizing censorship and letting broadband monopolies like Comcast decide what you can and can’t do online. Republican members of Congress can stop the FCC, and they will, if they hear from enough of us. Tell them now.

Tell Congress: Stop the FCC!

FCC and ISP's need to keep their hands off the Internet!

The government is giving control of the Internet to just a few companies, and soon.

The Federal Communications Commission is caving to government-sanctioned monopolies like Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon and trying to kill the basic principle of the Internet, called net neutrality. Once they do, these big Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will be in charge of what gets seen on the Internet (and what gets blocked), how fast we see our favorite sites, and how much more we have to pay just to run our businesses online.

The FCC's new chairman Ajit Pai — a former Verizon lobbyist — is planning to strike down the net neutrality protections that millions of Americans fought for in the next few months. Net neutrality says you get the entire Internet without blocking or interference. It is the free market principle that keeps the Internet open and lets everyone have a chance to compete on it.

Without net neutrality, big ISPs like Comcast or Time Warner Cable can charge exorbitant fees for access to an Internet “fast lane,” or even censor web sites entirely. Ending net neutrality will force everyone to pay off companies like Comcast and Verizon before they can reach people on the web. This will kill the free market principles of the web. Period.

The ISPs also own TV, radio, movies, advertising, and web media conglomerates. Without net neutrality, these companies will be free to squeeze everyone else’s content out of the picture and further control America's access to information.

Net neutrality has been portrayed as a partisan issue by globalist politicians who have received millions in donations from ISPs and media companies. But in reality, net neutrality is essential to protecting the Internet as a free market of ideas and competitive enterprise.

Centralizing control of the Internet in the hands of a few government-backed monopolies would kill the Internet as the platform for innovation that it is. The U.S. has led the the technological revolution and we can’t let the FCC and ISPs stop us now.

If they take away net neutrality, we’ll lose important freedoms.

  1. Freedom of speech will be limited.Internet service providers like Comcast and Verizon will be allowed to slow down or block websites and apps. Anything that is critical of these companies, or the politicians they support, could be censored without recourse. The Internet has allowed alternative voices speed past mainstream media. But without net neutrality, censoring speech would be simple for big companies and their allies in the government.
  2. Information will be restricted. A “basic” Internet plan may only give you access to a small subset of sites and services. The Internet will look more and more like cable television… you get to see what the media companies put in front of you, and nothing else. Small sites and services will have to go through powerful gatekeepers to compete with the big players.
  3. Entrepreneurship will suffer. Because Internet service providers would be allowed to block competitors, and big incumbents could pay for priority access, investment in startups would be severely curtailed. The innovative tech economy will flee the U.S. market for other areas with a more open Internet. America has been a global leader in online innovation because net neutrality has given startups and disruptors an even playing field.
  4. Government-sanctioned monopolies will have all the control. Companies like Comcast and Verizon have corrupted the government to the point where they have basically developed a partnership. They will happily do the government’s bidding in exchange for continuing to operate as monopolies and quash out all competition. These are the same companies that are bending over backwards to enable the government’s mass surveillance of our private lives.